[natural vanilla and vanilla extract] - Hummingbird vanilla
[vanille naturelle et extrait de vanille] - Colibri vanille
[vanille naturelle et extrait de vanille] - Colibri vanille
[vanille naturelle et extrait de vanille] - Colibri vanille
Hummingbird Vanilla

To buy to make your homemade extract: the "imperfect" (10g)

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All of the vanilla extracts sold in Canada have been made in the United States (except ours) and the pods that Americans buy are of the lowest quality possible. Also, when you start to make your extracts with our vanilla, you will not be able to go back. To make the tastiest vanilla extract in the world, you need split vanilla (Imperfect) from Madagascar.

Indeed, like all fruits, the fruits of the planifolia orchid opens and splits to drop its seed when ripe. As the molecule responsible for this sublime flavor only develops in the last weeks, you can be sure that the caviar that remains in the pod has reached its maximum maturation and that the level of vanilla is at its peak. Downgraded because imperfect, these split pods are the best for making the tastiest extracts. The ratio is simple: you need 100 grams of vanilla for a liter of vodka (an alcohol with a neutral taste). You have to chop the menu and let it macerate for at least a year, stirring occasionally. It is not forbidden to put more vanilla, but avoid putting less. Do not think you will get better results with grand cru vanilla, you will only pay more for it.

Buy the quantity you need, taking into account that this calculator jumps in 10 gram vouchers. So if you buy 10 grams of vanilla, you will use 100 milliliters of vodka for your extract. For 20 grams of vanilla, 200 milliliters, etc.

When they arrive at your home, they will be vacuum-packed. Leave them like this until you are about to grind them in your grinder with the alcohol to make your extract.