Gluten-free organic sweet potato flour
Gluten-free organic sweet potato flour
Gluten-free organic sweet potato flour
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Gluten-free organic sweet potato flour

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The organic and gluten-free flours are made by Carlos Zumbado, a farmer from Upala, in Costa Rica that I particularly like and who calls me Muchacha. Its flours are pure and produced with rigorous care. You will enjoy cooking such fresh and tasty flours to diversify your gluten-free nutritional intake.

The sweet potato, or sweet potato, is a root vegetable belonging to the convolvulaceae family.. There are around 500 varieties of sweet potatoes, which differ in the color of their skins and flesh. In the form of flour, it easily replaces wheat flour, hence its interest for people following a gluten-free diet.

What is sweet potato flour?

Like other flours, that of sweet potato is characterized by a very fine powder whose color can sometimes be white, sometimes more pink, or even orange depending on its manufacturing process. We find it in the design of different dishes, whether savory or sweet. Sweet potato flour can be used to make, among other things, bread, pancakes, or even cakes.

The advantage of this product is that it is a perfect substitute for wheat flour. This is due to its almost similar appearance and texture. Its taste is also pleasant and rather sweet. If you've ever had sweet potato flour in your hands, you've certainly noticed its amazing texture. It looks a little more like cornstarch than conventional wheat flour. However, even if it may seem handicapping at first glance, know that it is not a problem.

Regulation of blood sugar level

According to Professor Jennie Brand-Miller, sweet potatoes have a very low glycemic index. This justifies the fact that the energy present in this tuber is slowly released. In this way, the blood sugar level does not increase. It is therefore generally used as part of a weight loss diet, due to its very regular energy intake. It is also an excellent natural appetite suppressant. Sweet potatoes can therefore be included in the diet of a person concerned with keeping their figure.

A food with high nutritional value

Studies within FAO show that sweet potatoes are extremely rich in vitamins and minerals. However, they are poor in sugar and fat. It is generally for this reason that athletes incorporate this food into their nutrition program.

Improve the acid-base balance

According to nutritionist Florence Piquet, sweet potatoes also participate in the acid-base balance of your body (8). If the production of acid inside your body is very important, your bone mineral density decreases. Under these circumstances, your muscle mass starts to melt, and your kidneys will suffer a lot.

In addition, the acid-base balance plays a role in the regulation of hormonal secretions. And especially on growth hormone. An imbalance can disrupt these secretions and have serious consequences. You should know that the daily consumption of cereals, dairy products and animal proteins leads to an overabundance of acidifying sulfur amino acids. As a result, your body lacks alkalizing or basifying compounds.

The biochemical reactions, which are vital for the regeneration of your body, are then disturbed. Because of this, you will need vegetables to balance your diet. Good news ! Studies from the International Potato Center in Peru confirm the classification of sweet potato as a "basifying plant".

Reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes

As we explained above, the sweet potato represents a low glycemic index. Indeed, again according to Professor Jennie Brand-Miller, its GI is between 46 and 60. It depends on the cooking and the variety of the plant.

You should know that the glycemic index is a scale that allows you to classify carbohydrates. This is based on their ability to quickly raise the blood sugar level. In the event that you consume excess sugar in your body, this can lead to very serious health problems. And in particular cause type 2 diabetes or hypertension problems.

Promote weight loss

Sweet potato flour has a low glycemic index and is also low in calories. It also has the advantage of having a positive effect on insulin levels. When you eat too much sugar without eliminating it properly, the excess of this material turns into fat. And your body gradually loses sensitivity to insulin. You should know that insulin is a very important element in maintaining your blood sugar level.

In this sense, for your health, but also to increase your physical capacities, it is ideal to consume foods that provide a low glycemic index, such as sweet potato. However, this consumption must be of reasonable quantity.

It is equally important to emphasize that the sweet potato has many nutritional interests. This tuber is naturally rich in fiber. These are mainly pectins that help regulate blood sugar while reducing hunger.

Preventing cancer and certain diseases

Each variety of sweet potato brings different, but almost identical benefits to your body. According to studies from the Washington Food Policy Research Institute, sweet potatoes and foods with orange flesh help prevent cancer. These same foods help keep good eyesight.

But what type of cancer can be prevented by consuming sweet potato flour? According to research, this food reduces the risk of developing prostate cancer, breast cancer, gallbladder cancer, colorectal cancer, kidney cancer. The leaves of the sweet potato help protect against lung cancer.

Take advantage of its richness in antioxidants

Also, the plant contains a lot of antioxidants. The presence of beta-carotene in the tubers allows your liver to transform them into vitamin A, also contributing to slowing aging. On the other hand, those that are purple in color and have a fairly sweet taste contain a large amount of anthocyanins.

In fact, these are pigments from the flavonoid family, with an extremely powerful antioxidant power. By choosing a sweet potato flour of this variety, you will be sure to enjoy these benefits.

A low glycemic index

When playing sports or performing intense physical activities, it is recommended to consume carbohydrates. This boosts you in your physical efforts, which promotes the construction and development of your muscle mass.

Eating foods high in bad fats involves increasing the glycemic index. However, it is strongly present in rice, pasta, bread and potatoes. To increase your physical capacities, it is therefore important to favor foods containing a low glycemic index. Sweet potato flour is one of them and it does not contain gluten.

Sweet potato flour and muscle gain

Sweet potato flour is the ideal food to gain muscle quickly or to maintain muscle mass. Indeed, sportsmen use it very widely, and in particular bodybuilders. It helps athletes who wish to optimize their muscle mass gain, replacing oatmeal. Low in calories, it is also a great support if you are in a dry period. Thanks to the antioxidants it contains, sweet potato flour can also help you fight oxidative stress.

To conclude

If the presence of sweet potato on the European continent has only been made for a few hundred years, its use has nevertheless undergone various changes. The transformation of this plant into flour allows you to benefit from many benefits, if only its effect on your insulin level. You will find that there are several varieties of sweet potatoes, just as beneficial as the others. You just need to incorporate this nutrient into your diet and you're good to go.

It is possible to achieve many sweet potato recipes such as mashed potatoes, fries, or even pancakes. Like what with this food it is possible to do good while having fun!

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