Mexican vanilla sugar pyramids (150g)
Pyramides de sucre vanillé du Mexique (150g)
Pyramides de sucre vanillé du Mexique (150g)
Vanilla hummingbird

Mexican vanilla sugar pyramids (150g)

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Mexican vanilla sugar pyramids are flavor bombs! Just add one to your coffee, hot milk or summer cocktails to completely transform your drink! Made with love in Saint-Roch-de-Richelieu with fair trade organic sugar and vanilla from Papantla, Mexico, the only one in the world to have a controlled designation of origin.

These pieces of happiness were made in honor of Tajin, the Pre-Papantla city.

Tajin, the Pre-Papantla city

Tajín is a pre-Columbian archaeological site near the city of Papantla and Poza Rica, in Veracruz, Mexico. It was the capital of the Totonaque state. Tajín means Place du Tonnerre in Totonaque language.

The construction of the ceremonial buildings of the Tajin began in the 1st century and has since archaeological research has demonstrated the influence of Teotihuacan at the beginning of the classical Mesoamerican period; while in the Post-Classic period, it was rather the Toltec influence that was visible in its architecture. After Tajín was razed by the Chichimecs in the 16th century, it was inhabited by a few colonies, but without regaining its grandeur. At XNUMXe century, the site was completely uninhabited when the Spanish conquistadors arrived, so that it was not destroyed and that its existence remained secret for many centuries.

Between 650 and 950 ac, Tajín was the largest city on the north coast of the Gulf of Mexico and dominated the territory delimited by the basins of the Tecolutla and Cazones rivers. The rulers of this capital extended their hegemony from the Sierra Madre Oriental to the coastal plains of the gulf, in the present states of Puebla and Veracruz.

The area of ​​the archaeological site is estimated at around 10 km2, but most of it is still buried under the brush and has not been explored.

It was in Tajin that the cult of Xanath was born, as the Totomaques of the time called it. The entire vanilla culture was surrounded by religious ceremonies, just as cocoa was revered by the Aztecs. The same people who bought Totonac vanilla for their famous chocolate drink… a combination of flavors that never ceased to move us…