"My cooking workshops" box
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"My cooking workshops" box

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This set, specially prepared for subscribers of @mesatelierscuisine was designed according to the cooking workshops offered by the chef Benoit Cisecky You must insert the promotional code in the space provided for this purpose when purchasing online. Transport costs are included.

Here is what it contains:

1) Three pods from Madagascar;

2) Three gourmet Tahitensis pods from Indonesia;

3) a 100g jar of Tahitensis vanilla paste from Indonesia;

4) 250g of Criollo cocoa nibs;

5) 2 bars of 30g of 72% Costa Rican criollo chocolate;

6) 2 bars of 30g of 85% Costa Rican criollo chocolate;

7) a bottle of Madagascar vanilla extract made in Quebec by Colibri Vanille (60g);

8) a 100ml bottle of Tahitensis vanilla oil from Indonesia;

9) a stick of peasant criollo cocoa;

10) 40 grams of vanilla sugar with Ugandan vanilla.

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