"Treasure of the Americas" tasting box
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"Treasure of the Americas" tasting box

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Made up only of products from the Americas, here is a very unique treasure chest. Here are the discoveries you will find there:

1) 25g of Papantla vanilla pods (20 to 22cm long), the only one in the world to be protected by a controlled designation of origin (AOC), and with good reason: it is the original vanilla, such as 'it was developed over 2000 years ago by the Totonac nation. Framed by a large number of religious rituals, vanilla is still part of all spheres of life for residents of Papantla and it is still a Totonac family who today  provides them to us. The pods are packaged in modified air packaging to maintain their organoleptic value despite transport (value: $ 35,10)

2) Vanilla paste from Mexico, made in Quebec by Colibri Vanille. (value $ 17.95)

3) Mada / Quebec vanilla extract, made by Colibri Vanille from whole vanilla pods from Madagascar and an alcohol of wild cherries and plums. (value $ 17.95)

4) AZTEC vanilla extract, inspired by the pre-Columbian flavor combination developed millennia ago by the Aztecs who traded with the Totonacs to make their "xocoatl". (Value $ 17.95)

5) 40 grams of Costa Rican flavored vanilla sugar made with fair trade organic sugar and Costa Rican vanilla extract. (Value $ 2.00)

6) 40 grams of organic Quebec maple sugar. (value $ 4.00)

7) 40 grams of vanilla sugar with Mexican flavor. (value $ 2.00)

8) A 50g stick of certified organic Criollo peasant cocoa. (Value $ 3.50)

9) Two 30g bars of 72% pure Criollo chocolate from Costa Rica. (value $ 11.00)

10) Two 30g bars of 85% Criollo pure chocolate from Costa Rica. (value $ 11.00)

Total value: $ 122.45 for the price of $ 99.45. This set also gives you the opportunity to automatically benefit from free shipping within Canada, and an additional $ 35 for all of Europe and the rest of North America via our DHL export account (please contact us in that case,)