"Traditions" tasting box
"Traditions" tasting box
Vanilla hummingbird

"Traditions" tasting box

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This box contains a panoply of little pleasures: first, the 10g jar of Tahitian vanilla caviar contains the seed of no less than 15 pods! (Keep in the fridge after opening); then two 25g palets of raw criollo cocoa shaped with cinnamon and organic sugar, Mexican style; three 25g scoops of raw Hummingbird Criollo cocoa: with Tahitian vanilla and organic sugar; 70g vanilla sugar with Tahitian vanilla; and finally a stick of 50g of Cacao criollo brut 100% pure.

This cocoa, reputed to be the finest and most sought after of all, constitutes barely 5% of the world's cocoa stocks. Its fruity and bitterness scent gives you the sensation of biting directly into the pod. These sticks are handcrafted in Quebec.

These tasting products are made from pure and whole products, they are fair, eco-responsible, and come directly from producers, without intermediaries. The cocoa is certified organic.

How to use: grate the cocoa in hot milk or on the coffee crema. Sweeten with vanilla sugar to taste. Add the tip of a vanilla caviar knife to your pastry creams, sauces, etc.

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