Bunch of Madagascar AAA vanilla pods (25g)
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Bunch of Madagascar AAA vanilla pods (25g)

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The magnificent triple AAA vanilla are vanilla wonders with humidity levels around 38%. Plump, fragrant and tender, these delicate perfections are naturally intended for your most ambitious projects! 

The magnificent vanilla from the Vanilla Planifolia variety that this cooperative grows is an appetizing chocolate color.

Its vanillin rate fluctuates between 2.2% and 2.3% and the unique flavor of its terroir will blow you away: intense note of vanillin, incredibly rich fragrance of chocolate, with fruity notes of figs at the end of the mouth.

Without a doubt the finest quality of vanilla that we have seen for several years! In addition, and this is a very rare characteristic: each pod contains a very regular amount of caviar from one pod to another. It is to say the professionalism and the ancestral know-how of Jean Claude Mena!

With an average humidity of 38% and an average vanillin level of 2.2%, this vanilla is a wonder of nature. Use it quickly: because they are more fragile when stored.

25g packs contain 4 to 5 pods, depending on size.