The sumptuous Indah vanilla has arrived!

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Indah is a young 27 year old vanilla producer. She started developing vanilla production four years ago after completing her university studies in business administration in Jakarta. The vanilla that she offers us comes from her own plantation as well as that of her parents. Her studies in international trade allow her and her family to sell all over the planet and make much better income than by selling to international traders.

It produces two types of vanilla spread over several parcels of territory in the islands forming Indonesia: planifolia, a black vanilla rich in vanillin; and the genus Tahiti: a hybrid more resistant to fungal diseases produced in Tahiti from vanilla odorata and the vanilla planifolia.

You will be amazed at the palette of different scents that the territory of Indonesia produces: the batch of Tahitensis its plantation of Tanggerang displays a record rate of vanillin and has a powerful taste of vanilla, candied red fruits, and some notes of liquorice black; while the batch which comes from the mountains of the north of Kalimantan present a very exotic and bewitching taste of eucalyptus, ginger and candied lemon. Absolutely unique!

Its planifolias, on the other hand, are fleshy and filled with a phenomenal amount of spicy vanilla caviar. 

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