Warning! Beginning of the "lean" period in Madagascar

<br>• Chantale Caron

In Madagascar, this very feverish period at the end of the vanilla export campaign is called "lean". Indeed, from March 31, 2020, it will no longer be allowed to export vanilla, and this, until October 15, as you will see from reading the document below. This period is critical because the income that will allow vanilla planters to live until October is now playing out.
It is therefore time to reserve your vanilla stocks as the doors will close soon. Already, local collectors criss-cross the bush on motorbikes to inquire about the best prices from producers before their windows close. Those who waited and hoped to see a rise in prices will be disappointed and will have no choice but to sell to the highest bidder.
As far as Colibri Vanille is concerned, we are happy to protect our suppliers from the clutches of the collectors for a few more weeks, but afterwards, all the rest of their stocks will have to be sold locally.
Of course we will have stocks of vanilla from other sources, but for lovers of the intense and chocolate flavor so typical of Madagascar, it is time to act! Call to reserve your vanilla!
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