The wonderful papantla vanilla in Mexico.

This vanilla and its derivative products are of exceptional quality, and to our great joy, they are part of the selection recommended by Philippe Mollé.

Mexican vanilla is the only vanilla in the world that does not require manual pollination. A species of bee, the melipone, as well as a single species of hummingbird endemic to Mexico take on this task. Almost all types of vanilla marketed in the world are derived from this original vanilla.

The result is a vanilla with an authentic taste as the Totomaques tasted it millennia ago. A powerful vanillin note in a bouquet of dark chocolate and nutmeg. When the vanilla is ripened, it also develops notes of red berries.

This exceptional vanilla, which we call the "Colibri" is recognizable among all by its oily and fleshy aspect. It is also generally longer than bourbon or tahitensis vanilla. They are offered to you now and without intermediaries, by a Totomaque family from Papantla, the family of Rodolfo Arellano Castillo.

Meet Rodolfo, Susana and little Alexander Arellano Castillo in St-Hyacinthe.

Rodolfo and Suzana are both Engineers who work and live in Quebec, in St-Hyacinthe. The whole family of Rodolfo is originally from Papantla and still lives there. His father is an agronomist and developed his vanilla plantation over thirty years ago. His family is tightly knit and keeps close contact with Rodolfo, their son who now lives in Quebec. It is also for the pleasure of maintaining this close bond with his family that he works to promote Papantla's vanilla with Colibri Vanille. And even if he is an engineer, he has had a dream since he was a child to take over his father's business.

How not to dream in front of such strong and vigorous vanilla? No planifolia developed in the world is happier than in its original cradle.
Proud Totomaque de Papantla, he shares with us here the story of the vanilla told by the ancients, that of his nation, and the culture it generated. Everywhere, in all historical, cultural and religious aspects, from ancient times to contemporary Papantla, vanilla always occupies a place of choice in the life of any inhabitant of the region.

The ancient legend of vanilla

La antigua leyenda de cómo nació la vainilla

Here, for those who also want to know more, the history of the marketing of vanilla by Totomaques in Mexico. A story that is rarely told in the world of vanilla, dominated by the French gaze and its colonies.