Vanilla extracts

Our vanilla extracts are our little gems. Here you will find a whole range of vanilla extracts that you never imagined existed!

Long maceration extracts

First, there are the long maceration extracts. Those that are macerated for no less than 12 months before being bottled. These rare gems were quickly sold during the first wave of "buy local" in the spring, but more will arrive in the coming months ...

Vanilla pasta

Then, in view of the alcohol stockouts (which had been requisitioned to make disinfectants), we began to develop a range of alcohol-free extracts produced using an ultrasonic processor. These extracts, supplemented with an organic sugar syrup for preservation, and some emulsifiers from natural sources made up Colibri Vanille's first range of vanilla pastes. The concentration is the same as the extract with long maceration: one teaspoon is equal to one spoon to tea.

Short maceration extracts

Quite naturally, other short maceration extracts have been developed. First offered in certain zero-waste stores, they are now available in a multitude of origins and flavors, unlike anything else. You just have to go to a zero-waste store to have your bottle refilled. On the one hand, you will save the price of the bottle, and on the other hand the planet will thank you!

Good discovery!