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It is in times of crisis that we recognize the value of a person, a people.

Thanks to the solidarity of Quebecers, and thanks in particular to the Facebook group "J'achète Québécois, j'achète local" my business held up during confinement. Thank you all, and thank the group administrators who recommended as a company. A big thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

This pandemic made the government and the people of Quebec realize that we had to be more self-sufficient and less dependent on other countries for our basic necessities. As for our food, we found that Quebec's flour store was completely emptied in less than a month! And we are not finished: it has only just begun.

Quebec entrepreneurs have been proposing solutions for a long time and they fall into sector number 13. Among these proposals, one that could make its way: shouldn't our state-owned company, Hydro-Quebec, offer prices that would support greenhouses year-round for vegetable and fruit production? If there is a Nordic country that can afford it, is it Quebec with its Hydroelectricity?

Regarding basic medical protection items, I hope that the Ministry of Health will stop buying always what is cheaper and from China: We have seen that China was not shy about increasing its 6000% tariffs by shamefully abusing when the opportunity arises. It is clear that a Quebec company would perhaps sell its equipment more expensive day by day, but they would not dare to increase their prices by 6000% to the detriment of its own people.

We will have time to think about solutions to support our medical self-sufficiency (such as reviewing Amir Khadir's proposal, nationalizing the production of drugs); or to seriously reconsider the fact that the textile industry in Quebec has been completely let go, which must completely rebuild to cope with the pandemic.

Quebec has challenges, but it has friends too. Friends with whom he has done business for years internationally. But it is in adversity that one recognizes one's true friends. So let's drop those who abuse us, and continue to support our true friends, the small producers of fair trade. Especially those who live in regions where the health system risks being quickly overwhelmed. Especially in countries where people survive thanks to subsistence farming, like in Madagascar, where people live on average with a budget of 30 Euro per month.

In Madagascar, the crisis is all the more acute as it occurs during the lean period. The government has allowed producers to sell their production beyond March 31, the statutory closing date. So all the production must now be sold no later than May 31, 2020. Those who have failed to sell their production will be reduced to going into the bush without the income of vanilla which usually allows it to survive until the next campaign, which will open on October 15.

If you want to buy a bouquet of vanilla, choose Madagascar vanilla because it is the only one in the world to be governed by a quota system. 

NB This promotion is only offered to members of the Facebook group: "J'achète Québécois, j'achète local".

"Buy a 50g bunch of vanilla and have it delivered to your mother: She will also receive a bottle of Costa Rican vanilla extract (100ml), as well as a little note from you for Mother's Day"

Code: Mother's Day (Note that you must also select the extract from Costa-Rica, and then add the code so that the extract appears free).

Chantale Caron

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